Functional Systems
Functional Systems

Line of functional systems that offers the best solutions in
additives and ingredients, adapted to market needs.
Developed for meat products: injected, marinated, breaded,
molded, cooked, frozen, emulsified, fresh, cured, matured,
canned, etc., as well as dairy products: cheese, yogurt,
drinks, creams, etc.
  • Support achieving the protein content;
  • Improves texture, juiciness and general product appearance;
  • Improves emulsion stability;
  • Reduces exudation in chilled/frozen products during injection and storage;
  • Support to reduce syneresis;
  • Improves sliceability;
  • Improves shaping of burgers;
  • Reduces sodium in meat products, maintaining functionality without loss of flavor;
  • Maintains stability of brine;
  • Easy mass dispersion in short-time mixing processes;
  • Increases injection and cooking yields;
  • Optimizes weighting processes.
Novapro® SF
Functional protein systems.
Novapro® PS
Animal and vegetable protein systems that improve texture and cooking yield.
Novapro® FIX
Systems to accelerate curing processes and maintain coloring during products' shelf life.
Novapro® PHOS
Phosphate-based systems for stability of emulsions, protection against oxidative rancidity and pH balance.
Novapro® TASTE
Condiments and flavoring to promote flavor and standardize formulas.
Novapro® SMOKE
Systems that promote antimicrobial and antioxidant action, giving products a smoky flavor and ensuring uniform color.
Novapro® COLOR
Systems based on natural coloring.
Novapro® CURE
Nitrite and nitrate based systems that promote antimicrobial action and ensure characteristic color.
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Novapro® LAC
Within the Novapro® FS line, Novaprom has created the Novapro® LAC line, stabilizing systems developed to improve viscosity, prevent syneresis, improve creaminess, texture and gloss in dairy products. Our formulas can be adapted to each client's demands, contributing to standardization of formulas and optimization of resources.
  • Partial or total replacement of dairy mass;
  • Formula standardization;
  • More resistant to baking;
  • Products with greater gloss and long threads;
  • Improved viscosity, creaminess and texture;
  • Reduced fat and syneresis.
LAC 01
  • Partial or total replacement of dairy mass;
  • Greater gloss;
  • Up to 30% reduction in total fat;
  • Makes products more resistant to baking.
LAC 02
  • Partial or total replacement of dairy mass;
  • Improved texture;
  • Long tread;
  • Improved melting of mass.
LAC 03
  • Partial or total replacement of dairy mass;
  • Improved texture;
  • Long tread;
  • Makes products more resistant to baking.
LAC 04
  • Improved viscosity and texture;
  • Reduced syneresis;
  • Stabilization of emulsion.
LAC 05
  • No need for homogenizer;
  • Smooth and creamy texture.
LAC 06
  • Improved viscosity and texture;
  • Reduced syneresis;
  • Greater gloss.
LAC 07
Cream Cheese
  • Optimized production process;
  • Greater taste, texture, creaminess and viscosity.
LAC 08
Petit Suisse
  • Improved viscosity and texture;
  • Reduced syneresis.
LAC 09
  • Stabilized using hydrocolloids.