Novarom produces bovine collagen, protein solutions and ingredients through processes and raw materials that guarantee the safety and quality of its products, in accordance with the strictest international standards for quality and food safety. With a modern structure and well trained technical team, Novaprom offers custom solutions for a vast range of food applications.

Novapro® is the ideal option to provide more texture, juiciness, yield and stability to processed foods. A complete line of bovine collagens, high-functionality protein solutions and ingredients that can bring even more advantages to your products. Our line of functional systems offer the best solutions in tailor-made additives and ingredients adapted to the market's needs, resulting in technological benefits in terms of flavor, protein level, creaminess, stability, among other advantages.

Our lines are suitable for sausages, hamburgers, seasoned and marinated cuts, cheeses, yogurts, dairy drinks and other dairy and meat products.